Nature is a lead player in the production of quality wine, yet nature is not always as cooperative as she might be when harvest time comes around.

Preservation of quality, in fruit and throughout the winemaking process, can be a major challenge for vignerons in both good vintages and those with less ideal conditions. Fortunately, nowadays there are a host of techniques and technologies available to aid wine producers in meeting the challenges of preserving and enhancing quality.

Flash Detente
Flash Détente

In seasons when fruit ripeness is compromised or fruit colour is sub-optimal, Flash Détente extraction enhances wine colour, removes green, unripe flavour characters, improves wine structure and texture and accelerates production time. An evolution of thermovinification for red wines, in flash détente, de-stemmed grapes are heated to 80-85 ᵒC then immediately pumped into a vacuum chamber where flash vaporisation of water inside the vacuoles of the grapes skins, causes them to explode, releasing all the pigments contained within, while avoiding the jammy characteristics of thermovinified wines.

The complete release of colour precursors replaces traditional maceration. Flashed wines have on average, 30 percent more colour and improved structure. Further, the flash vapour carries away undesirable grape volatiles, including vegetal methoxy-pyrazine. The minimised skin contact resulting from Flash Détente helps to eliminate laccase from botrytis and other unwanted characteristics. And more, experience shows a lift of around two Brix after flash-détente.

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