Born of the Black Stuff

Born of the Black Stuff

Coal Pit Vineyard takes it’s name from the nearby Coal Pit Saddle.  In pioneer and gold mining days gone by, coal was bagged at the pit, loaded onto drays and brought down Coal Pit Road into Gibbston Valley.

Coal Pit Vineyard
Image Courtesy of Coal Pit Vineyard.

I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Coal Pit Vineyard – but what I do know, I like.

The vineyard is manicured like a golf-course and the winery seems to have been built for an operation several times the scale of its actual production.  The orderly attention to detail says a lot about the property’s owner, Rosie Dunphy and the team she has put together.

They’ve established quite a reputation for their Pinot Noir, particularly their 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages.  Even in difficult years, Coal Pit manage to produce put something pretty smart in the bottle, if perhaps in those more difficult vintages, sacrificing a little longevity for more instant gratification.  There’s nothing wrong with that sometimes and I think it’s a sign of a reliable producer.

They make a Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir Rosé too.  I’m less familiar with these wines but a little research shows the critics are pretty impressed with them too.

The current vintage of Coal Pit Pinot Noir is 2016 but I recently tasted a pre-release sample of Coal Pit Tiwha Pinot Noir 2017.

Coal Pit Tiwha Pinot Noir 2017

Coal Pit ‘Tiwha’ Pinot Noir 2017     

Deeply coloured in the glass with dense aromas of dark berries, dark plum and quality oak; hints of forrest floor.

The palate is generous and lush with impressive concentration. The flavours are complex, rich and juicy, showing blackberry, boysenberry, cocoa and skilfully controlled oak. The mineral lift on the finish a sure sign of quality. Tannins are beautifully balanced and seamless, lending firmness and texture to the fruit.

It’s long, lithe and lovely. A simply gorgeous example of top-class Gibbston Pinot Noir.

Retail Price:  $49

Coal Pit Vineyard.
Image courtesy of Coal Pit Vineyard.

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